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Buy or sell curated artworks and gems with deep liquidity
available at your disposal 24/7.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Amenta makes it simple for you to explore and invest in a range of tokenized artworks.

Democratizing Art Access

Novice or expert, our platform ensures that art investment is accessible to everyone.

Tokenized Masterpieces

Amenta transforms traditional art ownership, allowing you to own a piece of cultural significance through shares.

Powered by Blockchain tech

Our blockchain-based platform ensures transparency, security, and authenticity.

Discover a new era of art ownership at Amenta.

Unlock the Future of Art with Tokenization

OUR process

Create a well-rounded portfolio featuring iconic artworks meticulously selected by our acquisition teams.

We acquire art pieces

We tokenize the art

We list the art for trading

Users freely trade shares

Users freely trade shares

We list the art for trading

We tokenize the art

We acquire art pieces

why art?

Historically, portfolios that incorporate a portion of contemporary art have demonstrated the capacity to yield increased returns and enhance the risk-adjusted appreciation rate at a specified target return.

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Secured wallet access

how to gain access?

Amenta ArtPass

Total passes: 80,000
Price per pass: $500 in ETH

Amenta ArtPass is not just a ticket; it's your all-access pass to a dynamic trading marketplace, where the world of art investment comes to life. This exclusive feature empowers you to take control of your art portfolio and engage in seamless transactions with ease.

Mint progress
Minting Begins in Feb 2024

ArtPass Perks

Your all-access pass to Everything Amenta

Market Dynamics at Your Fingertips: The Amenta ArtPass grants you entry into our vibrant trading marketplace, where the value of art is not just appreciated but actively shaped by the community.

Buy, Sell, Trade Shares: Navigate through a diverse array of tokenized artworks, buy shares in your favorite pieces, sell or trade them effortlessly, and actively participate in the evolution of the art market.

Real-Time Insights: Stay informed with real-time market insights and trends. Your ArtPass ensures you're always in the know, making informed decisions in your art investment journey.


Questions & Answers

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Amenta generally procures ‘blue-chip’ artwork from leading auction houses, private collectors, and reputable galleries. Our acquisitions prioritize artworks reflecting the mature style of top 100 artists, obtained at an appealing cost relative to their estimated historical appreciation rates. Additionally, we maintain a track record of multiple multimillion-dollar sales annually.

After a successful raise, we will build out an extensive marketplace where users holding Amenta ArtPasses will be able to buy or sell their shares to other users or sell into the liquidity pool established by the Amenta DAO.

After minting out, Amenta ArtPasses will be listed on OpenSea for secondary trading.

Amenta ArtPass Mint opens soon. stay tuned.